Is Artificial Grass suitable for children & pets?

All of our products have been designed with children & pets in mind. Not only do our products look & imitate natural grass almost identically; but they are soft and hard wearing which is why these products are used in schools, dog runs & catteries throughout the UK .

Can it be laid directly onto hard decking / hard surfaces?

Yes. If your decking has been treated you may lay your artificial grass directly over decking and secure in place using green tanalised timber screws. It can also be laid onto hard surface such as concrete or flat roofs, as long as they are clear from residue, broken concrete, weeds & moss and the surface already has good drainage. In this situation you can use our adhesive to apply directly onto the backing of the latex and apply to the surface.

Why are Cathedral Lawns different?

The key factors that differentiate Cathedral Lawns are:
– The quality of our installation – we always add a stable, free draining sub-base comprising 50mm Type 1 aggregate and 25mm Sharp Sand.
– We include skip hire/removal of waste within our pricing structure.
– We are installers and not simply resellers of artificial grass and as such have an in-depth knowledge and passion for our product.

Is Maintenance necessary?

A key advantage of our artificial grass is that it is virtually maintenance free. All we recommend you do is keep debris, leaves and pet mess off the synthetic surface – simply brush or blow these off. Then enjoy the long lifetime of your new artificial lawn.

Where can I use your artificial grass products?

Lawns, balconies, patios, inside conservatories, children’s play areas, roof top terraces and swimming pools are probably the most popular applications. Our artificial turf products are also used at exhibitions and corporate events.

Tell me about installation

We have an in-house team of specialist installers or we offer an easy to use self installation guide.

Can it be installed on any surface?

Yes. We can lay the artificial grass onto most surfaces. Turf, soil, concrete , tarmac, balconies, decked areas , paving, roof terraces and sloping areas.

What kind of base do you use?

Trulawn always lay a sub-base which consists of a type 1 limestone aggregate. Limestone is the most porous type of aggregate and combined with a layer of sharp sand will ensure a stable and free draining base. The aggregate base is especially important if play equipment or trampolines are being used.

What about drainage?

Water simply drains straight through as the synthetic grass has a holed backing.

Does the product fade from the sun?

No, during the manufacturing process the grass is UV stabilized which will ensure that fading does not occur. All our products have a minimum 8 year no fade guarantee. Trulawn Luxury and Trulawn Continental both come with a 10 year guarantee.

How long will the product last for?

The surface should last 15 years in areas of average volume of traffic and use. To ensure this keep the surface clear of debris.

Can you provide REAL turf as well?

Yes we can – if you would like advice or a price on grass turf then call Mark or Mike on 01209 821007

Is your question not answered here?

Get in touch and we‘ll do our best to answer your questions.